TSA "Pre-Check" saves time at airport security

TSA "Pre-Check" saves time at airport security

Amarillo, TX - Frequent fliers in the area can now save time when going through airport security.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is offering an expedited "Pre-Check" security screening program to qualifying fliers at Rick Husband International Airport.

Fliers everywhere know going through airport security can sometimes be a pain. Taking off shoes, belts, jackets and unpacking liquids and electronics is a time consumer for travelers on a tight schedule. TSA is now allowing pre-approved airline travelers to leave those items on and to keep their liquids and electronics packed up.

Participating airlines have automatically included their frequent fliers, but TSA allows those who want to join the program to apply online.

Being a part of the program does not always guarantee expedited screening. TSA said it will continue to incorporate random security checks throughout the airport to prevent terrorists from taking advantage of the system.

More than one hundred airports throughout the country have implemented the TSA "Pre-Check" program.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10