Greg Abbott makes campaign stop in Amarillo

Greg Abbott makes campaign stop in Amarillo

AMARILLO - Greg Abbott paid a visit to Amarillo today but it wasn't on attorney general business.

NewsChannel 10 sat down with Abbott at Oliver's Saddle Shop to discuss his campaign for governor. Abbott said himself he's best known for his many lawsuits filed against the Obama administration, and that's a theme he will take to the governor's office if elected.

The driving force of Abbott's campaign, he says, is to protect and help working Texans, mainly by promoting job growth. "What I'm going to do to achieve that is to ensure that we keep our taxes low, keep government restrained, make sure we keep our regulations smart and not so intrusive," he said.

Abbott promised to continue his fight against Obamacare and Environmental Protection Agency regulations he says hinder the growth of the state's oil, gas, and wind industries.

"Texas is exceptional and I am running for governor to keep it number one in the nation," he said.

The GOP front runner calls himself "the candidate for women," citing his work as attorney general to combat domestic violence and human trafficking and to collect billions of dollars in unpaid child support.

"First and foremost we will prevent women from being harmed in the first place, but secondly and powerfully, what that does is frees women up to be more economically powerful," he said. Abbott says if elected he will continue to reform education to better suite the needs of the workforce.

"I will drive a stake through the heart of C-scope," Abbott announced. Abbott also made a promise to secure the border against the violence of the drug cartels. "As your governor, I will put a stop to that crime," Abbott said. "I will enforce the rule of law."

Abbott isn't officially the republican candidate just yet. There are four others in the primary so far, but he is considered the front runner.