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Amarillo voters informed about upcoming election topics

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Amarillo, TX - Amarillo voters are less than one week away from being able to cast their early vote for the upcoming election and the Amarillo League of Women Voters wanted to make sure local citizens know the issues that will be on the ballot.

The group hosted a forum Thursday night where both state and local issues were addressed but namely, the bond issue for an Amarillo Recreation Center.

Discussion aimed at informing citizens about the ballot, before they vote. It's getting down to the wire for those in favor of building an Amarillo Recreation Center (ARC) as local voters will soon have the chance to pass or fail the $31.5 million bond to pay for it.

"The partner groups think it's a small price to pay for such a facility that we're one of only a few cities in Texas that doesn't have anything like this our size," said Jimmy Lackey, President and CEO of Kids Inc.

"So we're just trying to get Amarillo brought up to speed." If passed, it would mean a 2.5 cent tax increase for property owners in Amarillo. "For $100,000 homes, that means 25 dollars on your tax bill, it's a tax increase," explained Lackey. "Anytime you're asking the public to fund a bill like this you need to be able to provide information about what it is and that's what we're here to do tonight."

Information that may have even changed the mind of a few critics. "I was against it because I don't like my taxes to go up like everybody else, but after listening to the presentation, I don't see how I could not vote for it," said Amarillo voter Jimmy Pressley-Hammonds. "My little 35 dollars will do so much more for the city and for the kids, for them to have some place to go."

Even so, Thursday's forum wasn't about being for or against the ARC, but simply about being informed before you drop your ballot. "I'm sure there's a lot of folks out there that don't want this they just don't want a tax increase," said Lackey.

"I understand and respect that, get out and vote." "Each person's got a civic duty to get out and vote 'yea' or 'nay' on something and it's called being a good citizen of Amarillo," added Pressley-Hammonds.

Also up for a vote are nine proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution as well as 21 proposed changes to the Amarillo City Charter.