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Social Security offices stay busy after fully reopening after government shutdown

It's back to work for many federal offices around the country now that the Government is no longer shutdown.

The Social Security Administration Building in Amarillo is fully operating now that the Government has reopened, which for some local residents means they can finally move forward.

After 16 days of waiting, just a few hours more at the Social Security Administration office didn't seem like a big deal for Ronetta Mills. "I was applying for a replacement social security card for a little boy that we have just gotten managing conservatorship for," MIlls told us.

It was something she had planned on doing before the Government shutdown, but things didn't quite work out. "I was here on September 30th, expecting the Government to do what it did, and managed to get here without one piece of paperwork that I needed to have. So, I tried back again on October 1st and of course they were not processing the card requests," she said.

Since the doors opened at 9 o'clock Thursday morning, the Social Security building was full of people, trying to catch up on business that may have been delayed because of the shutdown. Now that the government is no longer shut down, Social Security offices are fully operating.

Card requests, along with benefits should be back to normal, but there may be a slight delay due to the large amount of requests that are being made.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10

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