Proposed changes to evaluating students

Proposed changes to evaluating students

Many say STAAR testing is an unfair way to evaluate students across the state. A group is working to develop new ways to asses student achievement in Texas.

Several school districts making up the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium are meeting Thursday to discuss new ways to evaluate Texas students that doesn't involve STAAR testing.

The new idea uses other tests already employed by some school districts. Reading, math and science would be checked for elementary and middle school students, but not every year for every grade.

For high school students, measures of post-secondary readiness could include PSAT, SAT, and other national tests that some districts already provide for all students.

Many districts across the state aren't performing well on these standardized tests. More than 25,000 AISD students had to retake one or more sections this past school year of the STAAR test.

Those who oppose STAAR testing say the test alone is what causes many students to not pass.