SNAP benefit cuts on the way

SNAP benefit cuts on the way

Amarillo, Texas - An approaching cut to the SNAP program is leaving many wondering what they are going to do.

An added stimulus to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is set to expire October 31st, which will result in about a five percent cut in monthly benefits for a family of four.

An estimated 3,000 people in the panhandle rely on the SNAP program.

High Plains Food Bank executive director, Zack Wilson says they are going to have to help pick up where benefits are being cut. It takes more than just one entity to help keep panhandle residents from going hungry.

"It's going to squarely fall on our shoulders and our agencies shoulders to help pick up that slack. I mean and we will definitely try to do that, but you know we're in a situation too where we are trying to get all of these items in just to meet up with the current demand," Wilson said.

So many people are confused where these cuts are coming from. The shutdown is playing a small roll, but it's not the reason why.

Both the House and the Senate have bills that would cut the stimulus funding that was added in 2009. So it is just a matter of finding out what exactly the cut will be, and that is all dependant on a vote in Congress.