City of Fritch considering new EMS options

City of Fritch considering new EMS options

As the city of Fritch continues to deal with money issues, City Officials are considering making some changes to services offered in town.

Officials are discuss the potential of using the Hutchinson County emergency services, rather than the one already in Fritch.

John Horst, the Interim City Manger says the change has the potential of saving the city money.

"The city of Fritch has to subsidize the Fritch EMS about $120,000 a year to operate. Our collections are good, there's just not the business in Fritch to break even," he said.

Horst told us, the potential of getting rid of the ambulance service in Fritch and using the service offered at the Golden Plains Medical Center in Borger, seems to be a viable and cost friendly option, especially when Fritch won't be required to pay any subsidies.

"The hospital district levies a tax, a property tax and with their collections on EMS and the tax, they are able to support their operations."

But some local residents told us they don't like the idea of the change.

"I could need them at any time and it would take Borger 15 minutes at least to get to us and Fritch would be there in less than five," Judy McDonald said.

As for right now, the Interim City Manager says when considering the debt Fritch is in, making that change seems to be the only option.

"It's just one of those services, for economic reasons, that we have to give up," he said.

Officials from the Hutchinson County Hospital District in Borger, and City Officials are meeting to discuss different options for the city of Fritch.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.