Alleged cover up center of Fritch lawsuit

Alleged cover up center of Fritch lawsuit

Fritch, Texas - An alleged cover up leads to a lawsuit for the City of Fritch.

Fritch residents, Luke and Ruth Donoghue have filed a lawsuit against the City of Fritch and seven individuals stating they were deprived their constitutional rights to equal protection.

In December, 201 the Donoghue's home was reported to have been burglarized by a group of teens. The lawsuit states that four of the teens involved confessed to the crime in February, and the investigation by the Fritch Police Department was closed in March.

Two of the teens said to have been involved were related to an unnamed Hutchinson County Sheriff's deputy, who was friends with the Fritch Chief of Police.

The suit claims city officials had intentionally destroyed or tainted evidence necessary to prosecute the criminals because of their familial connection to the deputy.

The Donoghue's are seeking damages for property destruction, damages for property that was taken into evidence that was destroyed or lost, plus reasonable attorney fees.