Fritch mother arrested for facebook threat

Fritch mother arrested for facebook threat

The mother of two Fritch Elementary School students was arrested Tuesday after police say she threatened several members of the school's staff.

35 year old Suzette Dickinson says she posted on facebook that her child was being abused in the school adding "body bags or jail comes to what this teacher done to my child".

She was booked on a felony charge of retaliation which was upgraded from the original charge of making a terroristic threat following the September 19th facebook post.

Dickinson does not deny she posted the comment but claims she was upset over the treatment of her children and never would have actually acted upon the threat saying, "I would not physically harm nobody I was crying for help because I've tried to call CPS. CPS said they cant do nothin... I've came here tried to make police reports... I went to the principal I went to the superintendent and they deny that I went up there...I've done the chain of command."

After learning of the threat, police say the school district's superintendent was immediately notified.

The school was not placed on lockdown but Superintendent Jim McCllelan says police and district officials were on alert at all of their campuses. "I think that you have to take every threat as a legitimate threat, I think the one time you don't is the time that something can happen, so we try to protect our campuses here as well as our children. Any type of threat especially of the nature of this one should be taken seriously".

Dickinson was booked into the Hutchinson County Jail after turning herself in Tuesday. If convicted she could face up to ten years in state prison and up to a $10,000 fine.