Death row inmate back in Randall County court Monday

Death row inmate back in Randall County court Monday

A 17-year-old death row case is making its way back into a Randall County court on Monday.

Four of Brittany Holberg's original attorneys will testify in court.

Holberg was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death for killing an elderly Amarillo man back in 1996 by stabbing him 58 times, beating him and shoving a lamp post down his throat.

Now 40-old-year Holberg has since been denied dozens of writs and appeals, until the Criminal Court of Appeals ordered a hearing on her behalf three months ago.

Holberg's current defense says her original lawyers didn't present all possible mitigating evidence and if they had, she wouldn't have been sentenced to death.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren said he doesn't think a re-trial will come out of Monday's hearing and even if it does, he believes a jury would sentence her the same as they did 17 years ago.