WT Homecoming brings more than just spirit to Canyon

WT Homecoming brings more than just spirit to Canyon

Thousands of people will be heading to Canyon this weekend to participate in a variety of homecoming activities. Not only will they be brining their team spirit, they will also be boosting the local economy.

As Buffalo fans make their way to Canyon, local hotels and stores are preparing for the rush.

"Here it's really really busy because people just line up out the door and stand in line to get drinks and food," said Connie Kesler, owner of the Rock n' Roll Soda Shoppe located on the square in downtown Canyon.

This weekend is also busy for Holiday Inn General Manager Angel Torres. "We're always sold out every year. It's amazing how many people come from all over to see their kids play football. It's just amazing," she told us.

For many local business owners, this weekend means more than just football.

"It means lots of business and lots of people, so there is good exposure for Canyon, good exposure for the football team and WT and good exposure for everyone that's on the square," Kesler said.

As more people head to town, Police say they are getting ready to deal with the crowd.

"We usually start early in the morning and our time line is, it will not end until probably the next morning because we got a football game that we have to deal with and then we also have parties afterwards that we have to deal with," Chief of Police Dale Davis said.

To help with everything that will be going on, other local authorities will also be on hand. "On this particular event, we will be working with the Randall County Sheriffs Office Emergency Service Unit. On the homecoming event, we work directly with the West Texas A&M Police Department," Davis said.

To help cut down on traffic and parking problems there will be a shuttle picking up and dropping off people at designated locations.

The shuttle will run every 10 to 15 minutes between 8:30am and 3:30pm on Saturday.

Pick up/Drop off Locations:
16th Street and 6th Ave
11th Street and 5th Ave (South of Pak-a-Sak)
17th Street and 2nd Ave (First Baptist Church)
23rd Street and Russell Long Blvd. (Randall County Justice Building)
4th Ave First United Bank Center Parking Lot (East Corner)