Lawsuit against former Swisher County Sheriff and Judge

Lawsuit against former Swisher County Sheriff and Judge

Amarillo, Texas - A federal lawsuit has been filed against a former Swisher County Sheriff and Judge.

Two women have now filed a lawsuit, alleging former sheriff Emmett Benavidez repeatedly fondled himself in front of them and County Judge Harold Keeter retaliated against them for their claims.

Sheriff Benavidez resigned in 2011 following confirmed allegations of sexual misconduct.

Both women in the lawsuit, Tara Rasmussen and Cassie Pointer, were employees of the county.

According to the suit, soon after both women began working, Benavidez began making unwanted sexual advances. It also claims on multiple occasions Benavidez went up behind Rasmussen and fondled himself while staring at her.

In 2011, while traveling with the former sheriff, the suit says Pointer was offered money for sex and he then began touching himself in front of her.

The women state they were threatened by Judge Keeter and Benavidez to be fired and denied raises and other benefits.

According to court documents in 2011, Keeter refused to allow charges to be pressed against Benavidez, who was instead allowed to resign.

No criminal charges have currently been filed against the sheriff.