Civil lawsuit aims to crack down on synthetic drugs

Civil lawsuit aims to crack down on synthetic drugs

AMARILLO -18-year-old Jesse High died on June 26. The official cause of death... "probable complications from synthetic cannabinoid ingestion." Now his mother wants the shop who sold her son those drugs to pay.

Synthetic drugs are hard to crack down on because of the ever changing chemicals they're made of.

"There's not a whole lot on the criminal side of the law to go after these guys with which is why I chose to go the civil route," Amarillo Attorney Vince Nowak said.

Nowak says those who sell them know they're dangerous.

"They are selling something that can kill you," Nowak said.

That's why he's helping Sharron "Roni" Cannon seek justice for her son  by accusing Planet X smoke shop of negligence, deceptive trade practices, and a breach of warranties.

"It's deadly. And they're not telling their customers this. That simple truth alone proves every cause of action I've alleged," Nowak said.

High was found unconscious on June 26th and was later pronounced dead due to complications from synthetic drugs.

This wrongful death suit isn't the first to be filed on behalf of a deceased teen and this isn't the first time Planet X has been called out for selling synthetic drugs.

But Nowak says this motion is about more than just getting damages for a grieving mother.

"This is one lawsuit of one small retailer of this poison. I'd like to see it blossom out. Everyone that's selling this poison at least in the state of Texas get sued with a similar suit. Put them out of business. They're killing kids with something that's 'legal' and they're selling as safe when they know it's not," Nowak said.

Employees of Planet X denied to comment on Wednesday and their Lubbock attorney could not be reached.