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Government shutdown impact on Texas

Thousands of federal workers are without a job until the government shutdown is resolved.

Data shows Texas has the nation's third-highest concentration of federal employees; many of those 140,000 workers will be forced to go without a paycheck.

Monday night congressional leaders argued over whether to include defunding of the Affordable Care Act in a federal government funding resolution but failed to compromise before time ran out.

Only employees who are necessary to ensure national security and protect Americans' lives and property will be allowed to work, albeit without pay, along with a few other types of workers.

Here are some problems we could face if this shutdown continues:

The "food stamps" program is expected to soon run out of money.

The IRS will likely have to suspend audits and examinations of returns.

New applications for social security and other benefits are likely to back up.

But federal benefits like social security and medicare will remain open and mail will still be delivered.

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