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Fire Station 13 opens in Southwest Amarillo, offers new amenities

A new fire station, built to help  accommodate Amarillo's growth, also offers some unique features.

Located on 45th Avenue between Bell and Coulter, the station offers more than just protection for residents and is slightly larger than other stations in Amarillo. 

A basement, that is also used as gym, and a safe room, in the front of the station, for resident who feel they are in danger, are just some of the new features.

David Garcia, a firefighter at Station 13, says this new building is different than others.    
"It's updated, it's a little bit bigger, more modern facilities," he said. 

A large garage also holds one of the city's two "Panhandle Regional Urban Search and Rescue" trucks, which can be used for situations where people are trapped in confined spaces or in a collapsed building. 

"It's always been stored at 6th and Jackson because we just didn't have any room to store it and now we've got the room here at this station so we got to move it over here," said Captain Jacob Oehlert.

In order to make sure there are enough firefighters to fully staff Fire Station 13, some firefighters were moved from Station 9, to help operate the city's newest station.

"The station at 34th and Western is still an active station," Oehlert said. "They'll just run an engine out of it with four guys. The four extra come over here and the city actually hired extra personnel, had to hire a whole extra crew," he added.

After months of construction, Station 13 is now fully operating and also has an engine and ladder truck.
Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10


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