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APD talks 'parking problems' at the Tri-State Fair

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo law enforcement is pleased so far by how few security problems there have been out at the Tri-State Fair this week, but there's always one issue that creeps back up again year after year - parking.

"Our normal parking spot it probably at the very back," said 15-year-old fairgoer Christiana Lucero. "Because we don't want to pay for parking," she laughed.

That fear of a fee may be the very thing driving people away from nearby lots and toward free parking on residential streets.

"People are either parking farther away out into the neighborhood or they're blocking drives," said Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department. "We definitely see an increase on the east side of town, traffic problems, parking problems, auto burglaries, things of that nature that will occur during this week."

A possible increase Neufeld said is likely any time cars are gathered in a place that's not well-lit or closely watched.

"Obviously, the closer you can get to the entrance, whether it's the fair or the movies, the closer you are to the front, the better off you are," he said.

But the bigger problem might not be burglaries as much as it is blocking drive-ways.

"If we're getting called out there because we see someone has parked out there and blocked a driveway and we can't locate that driver, we'll impound the vehicle," added Neufeld.

An attempt at free parking that lands some drivers with a much larger fee than the one they were trying to avoid in the first place. "You may end up spending $75 to $100 for a towing bill because you just cannot block drives," continued Neufeld.

"That's probably the biggest thing we see." It is free for fairgoers to park inside Gate 1 and it costs five dollars to park in Gate 4. For more information on the Tri-State Fair, visit it's web site at tristatefair.com.

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