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More illegal dumping issues for Amarillo residents

Amarillo, Texas - It's not only tires being illegal dumped in some Amarillo alleyways like we first told you about last week.

We're told it's becoming a growing issue. Not only dumping tires, but also furniture and other large items, in particular, behind thrift shops.

Barbara Pipes says every day there is something new piled up around the dumpster in back of her home. Pipes is responsible to maintain the area behind her fence. The City of Amarillo has an ordinance stating it is unlawful for owners or occupants to permit the accumulation of rubbish, trash, or solid waste on their property.

Pipes said she has contacted the city before about this issue, but it hasn't been resolved. "He came out, knocked on my door, we discussed it. He told me it would be cleaned up, but he says there is basically with the increase of thrift shops in town, it's all over town, it's widespread," Pipes said.

The ally behind her home is shared with a thrift shop. Employees of that shop say the mess isn't because of them. It's a vagrant issue.

We reached out to the City of Amarillo today to find out more, but they have yet to respond.

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