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AISD prevents potential kidnapping

AMARILLO - An Amarillo mother is baffled and terrified as police continue to search for a stranger who tried to pick up her children from school.

Although that mother is nervous not knowing who tried to take her children without her permission, she's now confident that her children are secure at school.

Parents at San Jacinto Elementary must provide names of those who are allowed to pick up their children from school at the beginning of every year.

So when teachers didn't recognize a woman who showed up Friday and asked for a three-year-old pre school student they checked the list and she wasn't on it.

"I just want to know how she knew my kids names and what she planned on doing with my kids once she got them," mother Autumn Sanchez said.

Sanchez has two children in San Jacinto Elementary. Her sister was scheduled to pick them up, so she was shocked when the school called to inform her a woman who called herself "Latoya" was trying to take her three year old.

"She had their first names but she didn't have correct last names. So, I just have no idea. I didn't send her to pick them up, and nobody that I know that I've talked to knows who she is," Sanchez said.

The school filed a police report after the woman left. APD says they're not treating the case as an attempted kidnapping but they are trying to find the woman.

"Right now, don't feel like there's a threat out there to other kids at all," Corporal Jerry Neufeld said.

AISD issued this statement saying "our campus staff members are trained to follow the protocol when someone other than a parent attempts to pick up a student from school. In this particular case, the system worked and our staff acted appropriately."

APD agrees with that statement. "It is a good reminder that we have these procedures in place for our well being and for our children's well being," Neufeld said.

As for Sanchez she says it will be hard to rest easy until she has an explanation about the ordeal but she'll continue to trust AISD to keep her kids safe.

"I think the school did a really good job because if it weren't for them, who knows, that lady could have taken my kids," she said.

AISD wouldn't comment on how many, or which, of their schools have security cameras but the recent bond election did purchase almost 9 million dollars in security upgrades.

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