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More young people involved in 4H livestock shows

AMARILLO - The Tri State Fair isn't just about fun and games for young fair-goers.

Entries for the livestock shows at the Tri State Fair are up this year.

Over 2,000 people entered all types of animals from rabbits to cattle to compete, and many of those young show folk are as young as nine years old.      
"Haying, watering, feeding, working with my cattle, letting them trust me, it took a lot of work," 4th grader Kiera Stehr said.

When you hear all the work that goes into raising an award winning heifer, it's hard to believe a 4th grader could make it happen.

But Stehr has been a natural since she was five years old competing all over the south as a 4H and even winning a national award.

"I just like all the people's good sportsmanship and all the cattle showing and how you can make you heifer so wonderful and pretty," Stehr said.

But it's not just cattle. Kids as young as nine years old raise everything from chickens and pigs, to rabbits and sheep.

Something that Tri State Fair Livestock Supervisor JD Ragland says takes time and determination.

"We like to say that we use the livestock project to train and really grow our kids in the livestock area," Ragland said.

6th grader Addison Hicks won several awards with her pig Sunday, even competing against 4H showers twice her age.

Hicks will be showing her pig next week at the State Fair in Dallas and hopes all her hard work will pay off.

"You have to go out every morning and evening and walk them and feed them. It just teaches you very well on responsibility," she said.

Ragland says 4H and Future Farmers of America are becoming more popular not only in our area, but across the state.        

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