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Tri-State Fair boosts Amarillo economy

The Tri-State Fair and Rodeo is back in Amarillo for it's 90th year. As each year comes and goes, so do the attractions.

But, money is left behind within the Amarillo economy. It's a nine day event, starting September 13, that in the past, has brought around 4 million dollars to our area.

We're told, a large percent comes from out of state families who have members participating in the fair's livestock events. But, a major contributor to the local economy is Crabtree Amusements who sets up the carnival.

"He does all of his truck and vehicle and trailer maintenance here in Amarillo with all the merchants and businesses of Amarillo," said Gary Fletcher, the President of the Tri-State Fair and Exposition. "Last year he spent about 240,000 dollars with local Amarillo merchants." The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is also coming to Amarillo on Wednesday, September 18, for the Champions Challenge event.

We're told that attraction alone has already boosted ticket sales and is drawing people from other states. "It's attracting, from what I can tell from my ticket sales so far, from the surrounding area people that typically follow a lot of rodeo. We're looking forward to how things are going to look different on paper when the fair is all over," Angela Ragland, the Sponsorship and Marketing Director told us.

Money generated at the fair also benefits many non-profit and local businesses. Of the 33 food venders at the nine day event, 21 are local. "Primarily they are independent people that work or work with churches or charity programs and this is one of their major fund raisers to sell food to the people that come out," said Fletcher.

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