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New partnership for Snack Pak 4Kids

Amarillo, Texas - A new partnership will mean more than 4,000 children that receive food assistance across the panhandle will be getting a little something extra.

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association has partnered with Snack Pak 4Kids to continue to battle weekend hunger across the panhandle. The new partnership will help supply a source of protein to many kids who go without over the weekends. "We're very proud to provide the financial support to put a beef item, an important nutritious beef item in the Snack Pak for these kids," Ross Wilson, Texas Cattle Feeders Association CEO said.

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association is donating $80,000 to help offer kids a quality, sustainable source of protein, a larger beef stick will be included in their weekend bags. "They told us through a survey that beef was important, and beef stick was important. Twenty two percent of the kids, in fact that was most popular item in the bag. And that was a little bitty item, and so this partnership will allow us to give them even more, which is what they need and obviously what they want," Dyron Howell, Snack Pak 4Kids founder said.

Those involved with this new partnership say it's about the kids and providing them with the nutrition they need. "The facts are one in four children are hungry in our country. Our hunger rates for children are equal to Romania," Dr. Donna Beegle, Communication Across Barriers president said.

Beegle, who studies poverty across the country agrees, fighting hunger is critical. "The studies show that when kids get water during testing, their points increase on average two points. With water, imagine if we feed them. So it's really an important program to send food home to feed kids. I've had people say well if their late we don't feed them, and I say well how many of you are on time when you're in crisis? of course they are going to be late. They're in a war zone of poverty,"

Beegle said. Snack Pak hopes to expand it's program to every community in the Texas panhandle by 2015.

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