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Amarillo Corvette Club remembers 9/11 tragedy, honors lives lost

Wednesday was a somber day of remembrance across the nation, as Americans reflected on the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, twelve years ago.

But for eleven years now, members of the Amarillo Area Corvette Club have taken a spin around town on the anniversary of the attacks, showing off more than just flashy cars - but also a sense of patriotism, pride, and honor.

There was a Corvette of every color, but the most important colors the members of the club flashed around town Wednesday were simply red, white and blue. "This is something that our club likes to do just to salute the public service that we have in our community," explained Larry Teague, Chairman of the club's American Freedom Corvette Caravan.

"Salute the military veterans and active duty as far as that goes and, it's just our way of showing our appreciation." The group caravanned on a lengthy route around town visiting Amarillo's first responders. "Most all of the fire stations in town and if we don't pass the fire station, we will visit the fire station," added Teague.

At each station, the group dropped off a 'thank you' and goody bag for the men and women who, every day, are expected to drop what they're doing to help us. "It's important for me that we show our support to them because they're supporting us every day," said Brenda Carlson, Publicity Chairman for the Corvette Club.

The noisy display also drew out the community crowds, waving and clapping, not for the cars but for their mission to make sure Amarillo, too, will never forget. "There's not a lot of organizations even here in Amarillo that do it year after year but the Amarillo Area Corvette Club has," continued Teague.
"And we don't do it in terms of celebration, we do it to remember and that's what today is all about." Members of the Corvette Club also paid a visit to the Amarillo Police Department Wednesday to say 'thank you' to those first responders as well.

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