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Unique bodyguard course now offered in Tulia

A unique training facility in Tulia is attracting participants from around the country.

This program is offered for anyone who is interested in learning about becoming a bodyguard.

Participants must be willing to live on site and partake in the 30 day training offered at the National Advanced Training Center.

"It's a hard job. We look at it this way, we want to train them as much as we can in 30 days because we want to save lives. That's what we do. We train them to be leaders and lifesavers," said Kevin Macrae, the President and co-founder.

Although Tulia at first may seem like an odd spot for a training facility, Macrae says it actually makes a lot of sense.

"We put it this way, being in the middle of the U.S. it gives it easy access to us so either international or local, we're in Texas," he said.

Thirty day programs are offered where students learn a variety of things ranging from combat training to defense and driving tactics. But, It is also unique in another way.

"It's all in one place. It's great because we don't have to go off site for a gun range. We have a gun range here, 100 yards. They don't have to sleep in a hotel. The accommodations are here. All meals are provided, breakfast, lunch, dinner. There is a gym on site and there are classrooms on site," Macrae told us.

Skills are taught to the Department of State and World Protection Standards which students like Zeke Burns say is a huge benefit.

"When I compared their curriculum to the curriculum here, this one was similar if not had more to offer," Burns said.

Overall, instructors aim to fully prepare students for the many challenges they may face while on the job. "Over the 30 days we teach them to be a leader and a manager so if they do get a job in the real world, they are not just a number. They are a manager or a team leader and they fit well into what's going on," said Macrae.

For more information you can see the link below: http://natc-america.com/

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