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Community mourns 11 year-old boy killed in accident

Amarillo, TX - Burying a loved one always brings with it the pain of grief - a pain almost all of us have felt before - but when a parent buries a child, that pain is indescribable.  And while one local family is dealing with that pain, the community is doing everything it can to help them through it.

Eleven year-old Colton Vaughn was killed Friday night (Sept. 6) after being hit by a truck near  I-27and McCormick road.  Friends of the family immediately jumped into high gear, organizing two fundraisers in three days.  Donations came from friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers in an outpouring of support organizers call nothing short of incredible.

"We're still having tons of donations coming in," says organizer Christie Ramirez, "We're having anonymous donors covering expenses for funerals, we have funeral homes giving their time and their place to help out with everything - and so, it's been absolutely amazing to be a part of this."

Baseball was a central part of Colton's life, so both fundraisers were held at the Rick Klein Baseball Complex, where Colton spent many of his days among friends and teammates.

"I tell you - especially here in baseball - you get to know a lot of people, and you get to be part of a family out here in the baseball community," says Ramirez, "and so them coming together really speaks a lot to Amarillo, and how we come together as a community."

RAmirez says she's organized similar events before as an employee at Amarillo National Bank, But none of them carried the emotional weight of this one.

"I've never ever experienced anything like this before; just the emotional heartache, and the attachment that everyone has to Jack or Susie or Amanda or Colton - it's been incredible," says Ramirez.

If you'd like to help, donations can be made to the "Jack Geffken for the benefit of Colton Vaughn" account at any Amarillo National Bank branch.

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