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Motorcycle scavenger hunt raises money for Martha's Home

  For more than 25 years, women in-need and looking for a home or safe haven in Amarillo have sought refuge at Martha's Home and with the help of the community Sunday, the shelter will continue to assist those women.

Sunday was Martha's Home First Annual Great Armadillo Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt. Riders made various stops around town, photographing as many locations as they could hit.  A fun way to help raise money for Martha's Home and the many services they provide to women such as furthering their education, feeding and clothing them, and even helping with childcare.

"To remove those kinds of barriers that may seem like a small expense to us, but to them it's a huge wall to get over," said Connie Garcia, a Martha's Home committee member. "And so some of this funding will go to removing those barriers so those ladies can push forward."

If you're interested in donating to Martha's Home and their mission, visit their web site at 


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