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Amarillo walks to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes

More than 30,000 children and adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes every single year. Saturday, the Amarillo community came out to show its support for those living with the autoimmune disease.

Supporters gathered at John Stiff Park this morning for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. JDRF is the leading global organization focused on Type 1 Diabetes research.

The group hosts more than 200 walks nationally every year and has raised about $1 billion to date, money that goes accelerating research and keeping those with the disease alive while we work for the cure.

"Their not like any of the other children, they cant just run around live a happy life, run around, eat, do what they want to do," said Sheryl Valentin with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. "They have to check their blood sugar six to eight times a day. They take insulin or wear an insulin pump, they take the risk of lows at night, maybe not waking up in the morning, diabetic comas, we risk losing our children if we don't find a cure for this disease."

The Amarillo JDRF Walk set a goal of raising about $200,000 and as of before the walk Saturday morning, they had raised nearly $75,000 to donate to JDRF.

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