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Window repairs after May hail storm may take years to fix

With tens of thousands of windows still needing to be repaired after Amarillo's May hail storm, many people have had to deal with hot summer temperatures and increasing electricity bills.

But, what they don't realize, is the strain the high demand is also putting on glass companies.

Brad Higby, President of City Glass in Amarillo says they continue to see hundreds of people and many apartment complexes still needing windows fixed. 

The main problem, he says, is the lack of trained people who can install or fix windows. 

"You can't just train them to go out and fix a broken window in a couple days. It takes at least 3 months to get them broke in and for us to feel confident to do the work at someone's home and trust them to do it. But not just trust them, trust them to do it correctly," he said.

Another issue is the time it takes to install them, and the amount of windows that still need to be fixed. 

"It takes close to an hour to change a window. You talk about driving time and them installing it. So if you're talking about 30,000 or 38,000 windows for all the glass shops in the town, that's a lot of man hours that is not available."

The best thing he said to do is be patient. He says all glass companies in town are doing their best to address the issue but it may take up to two year before everything is replaced.

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