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No solution yet for housing shortage in Pampa

PAMPA - A controversial housing project is shut down after the city commission refused to vote on the issue. Some Pampa residents are pleased and others frustrated.      

Most residents who live around the empty field that could have been an affordable housing apartment complex are relieved. But those same residents don't deny, Pampa is growing and there isn't enough housing to support it.

"You can resist it, but it's still going to come," Dennis Palmitier said.

The oil and gas industry is booming in the city, boosting the local economy.

Palmitier was born and raised in Pampa and is glad to see the growth, but says the community as a whole isn't welcoming it as it should.

"If Pampa's going to continue to be the hub that it is, we need more housing," Palmitier.

An open field in the North side of town could have been home to a brand new apartment complex, but residents in the nearby neighborhood feared the problems that might come along with affordable housing. Since most residents were against it, the city says they had no choice but to shut the project down.

Mayor Brad Pingel says the city was fair in hearing the proposal for the project and hearing the public's response. But no council member would motion for the issue to be put to a vote.

Pingel hopes that housing does find it's way to Pampa.

"Affordable housing and an apartment complex, I think pampa would benefit from," Pingle said.

The few apartments in Pampa are either full or run down. So many people commute from Amarillo or Borger, but Palmitier hopes for more options for those commuters in the future.

"A young engineer for Halliburton who's just starting his career and can't yet afford a house, but why can't he have a nice apartment to live in," Palmitier said. "There's just not that here in town."

Pingel says he thinks the city will be open to other proposals for new housing but in a less controversial location.  

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