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AISD extends bell schedule to help students who fail End of Course Exams

Some AISD High School students are having to spend more time in class this year.

Just about an extra 20 minutes is being tacked on to the end of the day for all Amarillo High Schools.

Stan Chatman, the Tascosa Cluster Director tells us it's because the district needs to find a way to address students who have failed the "End of Course" exams.

He says adding this extra time may help improve math performance and writing; areas where students typically struggle the most.

"A lot of time when kids come after school or before school for tutorials and extra help, they don't seem to get there sometimes. So we schedule it during the school day," Chatman said.

"They are already at school so it's just a regular scheduled class or period they have to go to and attend for that reason."

To make this fair for students who have passed everything, Chatman says depending on the school, those students may be released early or go in a little later. They also have the opportunity to use the extra time to get some work done at school.

But not everyone is convinced this will work. We reached out on our Facebook page and the majority of people said they don't think the extra 20 minutes will offer any benefit to students.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.

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