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Cattle rustling on the rise across the state

Amarillo, Texas - It's on the rise yet again across the state. Rustling is becoming a problem for many Texas cattle ranchers.

This old problem is once again plaguing many Texas ranchers. Cattle rustling reached an all time high last year, and is still on the rise.

"It's unfortunate, but some of these guys that been around this business, and know how to handle cattle, they've kind of gone the wrong way. They know money is in these cattle," Harold Dempsey, Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger said.

This past weekend brought a loss at the Amarillo Livestock Auction Yard. Eight head of cattle were reported stolen. Dempsey says it is often a quick and easy job for those stealing these livestock.

"A lot of these dudes don't have to be horse back, or it don't take several men. A man by himself that knows how to handle cattle, and knows where they're at, and their set of pens there, or if he's got a couple of dogs that he's really good with, he can use those dogs. It don't take a whole lot of men, it don't take a whole lot of time," Dempsey said.

But the increasing price of cattle is making them attractive to those who want to steal them.

"The cows are worth, bred cows are worth about $1,400 a piece, and the calves by their side, right now these calves would bring anywhere from $800 to $1,000 a head," Bob Lindsey, Canyon cattle rancher said.

Lindsey says that can be a huge loss of profit. He believes there are a few reasons why cattle have become so attractive to steal.

"Rustling is going up because of the high price of cattle, and in some cases they are easy to get to. And most of the time cattle are in the remote spots. There's not a lot of people driving around out here to watch you steal them. That's why it's going up , but the main thing is the cost of the cattle when you sell them is so high, it is very tempting for someone to come out here and steal them then go try to sell them," Lindsey said.

A tip line is available where you can anonymously report any information. That number is 1-888-830-2333.


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