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Valley Patriots at the 10th annual Hico Tournament

By Baylie Pointer - Valley High School

The Valley Patriots played at the 10th annual Hico Tournament in Hico, Texas. The Patriots went into the tournament ranked number two in the state. Abbott went in the tournament ranked number three in the state.

Everyone attending the game thought that it would be a hard fought game, but Valley dominated from start to finish. Valley won with a 45-point mercy rule in the third quarter of the game with a score of 71-22.

Gustavo Santos started the game with two touchdown receptions and one touchdown run. Ashton Barclay followed with two touchdown runs. Ketch Smith had a 51 yard touchdown run. Tyler Campbell, Keeno Ferrell, and Lane Barclay each had a touchdown run. Gustavo Alanis had a long touchdown reception from Ketch Smith. Gustavo Santos also had six extra-point kicks, and Barrett Bland had an extra point reception to round out the scoring.

Patriot defense was outstanding with Barrett Bland, Ketch Smith, and Gustavo Santos each having double-digit tackle totals. Gustavo Alanis and Ashton Barclay each had nine tackles. The Valley Patriots were able to shut down Abbott's offense for most of the game.

"Very happy to the start of our season," states Coach Tyler. "Very solid offense effort. Defense was solid. Looking forward to a great year after a very solid first game."

The Valley Patriots are now ranked first in the state with their victory at Hico, Texas.

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