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Rep. Thornberry on Syria

Amarillo, TX -- For the last two years, the Arab world has been in a state of enormous societal and cultural change - and not all of that change has come about peacefully.  Syria in particular has seen unspeakable violence, and now that the predetermined "red line" has been crossed, all eyes are on the U.S. to see whether or how we'll change the outcome of Syria's civil war.

And before Congress reconvenes next week, U.S. Representative Mac Thornberry made a stop in Amarillo to express his concerns that any U.S. action could have enormous and far-reaching moral and logistical ramifications.

"I have no doubt Assad used chemical weapons on a large scale," says Thornberry.  "The President's argument is, 'He did it, and we need to do something about it,' but exactly what we do, how it will matter, are still questions I think a lot of us have."

And while you'd be hard pressed to find anyone to defend such a singularly ruthless dictator, the resistance is so fragmented and diverse, that it's difficult to tell who we'd be helping by stepping in.

"This is a civil war inside Syria where there are few, if any, good guys," says Thornberry.  "And that's what makes it very challenging, because the President wants to deter further use of chemical weapons but not make a difference in that civil war. And so one of my concerns is, it's pretty hard to calibrate the effects of your action in wartime."

Thornberry also mentioned the potential for retaliation from Syria's allies - namely, Iran and Russia.

President Obama plans to push for international support for military action in Syria at the G20 summit this week.

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