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New power line to bring more electricity to North Amarillo


If you've questioned why there are large brown poles near Loop 335 and Broadway in North Amarillo, you aren't alone.

We wanted to find out what they are being used for so we turned to Xcel energy for answers.

"In the case of this line, it will be running from Rolling Hills to Hastings," said Xcel spokesman Wes Reeves.  "It will be a brand new power line and folks are starting to see poles because we are getting ready to start construction on that."

As the north side of Amarillo continues to expand, the new line is being built to help provide more electricity to that area.

"What we have serving that part of town was put in decades ago so it's really a time to update and modernize that system and make it a little higher capacity for future growth," Reeves said.

Not only will it update the outdated structures, Kelley Shaw, the City Planning Director says it will also have other benefits.

"As we expand area wise there is always going to be the need for new infrastructure to support that growth. But, we are expanding as far as housing developments and those kinds of things. You need that kind of infrastructure to support that growth."

Reeves says once the new Rolling Hills substation is complete and updates are made to the Hastings station, the poles for the new line will be ready to install.

Everything involved in the Hastings and Rolling Hills project is expected to be up and running by June, 2014.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.


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