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Boys Ranch preps for 69th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo

For 69 years now, Cal Farley's Boys Ranch has been hosting their annual Boys Ranch Rodeo. But, it's not only a fun time for the crowds, it's also a valuable learning experience for the kids of Boys Ranch.

Boys Ranch expects some 10,000 people to pack their stands throughout the Labor Day weekend. More than 100 of the Boys Ranch Boys and Girls will be competing in the rodeo events, but not only will many be competing, the kids are also responsible for working the event. Something organizers say is a priceless character-building time in their lives.

"They're working in the shoots, they're working behind the scene moving stock, they're working concession, they're working parking, they're working everything," said Mike Pacino, Administrator of Campus Operations.

"It's something that you can reach back to and remember your success," added Michelle Maikoetter, Sr. Administrator of Program Development. "And maybe you can build on that and go forward with that and not just have negative experiences but positive and successful ones."

The weekend of fun includes a barbeque lunch, adventure-fest for the kids, a Saturday night dance and of course plenty of rodeoing. Folks can still buy tickets either at the gate or by calling (800) 687-3722.

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