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Economy still thriving months after hail storm

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo's economy is still receiving a boost, months after the hail storm that took it's toll on much of the city.

May's hail storm is still paying off for many Amarillo businesses. Work is staying strong for roofing companies making repairs, and car sales have been at an all time high according to Amarillo National Bank.

Senior Vice President, William Ware, says they can now directly correlate these economic spikes to the hail storm. Building permits have doubled last year's numbers with $44 million worth in roofing permits.

Ware says Amarillo will continue to see an economic boost from the storm.

"I think we should continue to see residual benefits from this hail storm because you have a couple things in our favor. You have additional roofing companies in town helping out. They have employees staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants. Another factor, that was a really good rain storm, and all the rain combined for this last season will help our economy through this summer and into the fall," Ware said.

Ware adds although our economy was already on track to do well this year, the economic impact that was brought along with the severe weather has greatly benefited Amarillo.
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