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New year, new security for Canyon ISD schools

A new school year can bring many changes for students, some of which can be seen at schools within the Canyon school district.

This year, these schools are seeing some security changes. 

"Starting with this school year, you can enter the outside doors but you must be buzzed in by an office personnel person to actually enter the school," said Katharyn Wiegand, the Secretary for the Canyon Board of Trustees.

Additional measures, like installing fences around school property and adding security cameras at some schools, are all part of the districts way of making school a safer place.

But the ISD says the biggest change is the addition of two new liaison officers to the middle schools.

"We decided we needed a couple of more liaison officers just for precaution. There were no instances, it's just for precaution," said April McDaniel with the ISD.

Following standard protocol, the district says the officers  will be armed.
But this year, the officers at the high school will also have additional resources. 
"A new policy has allowed them to have an additional gun in a locked gun cabinet. It's just an added enhancement that if needed, that officer and that officer alone would have access to that gun in a special situation," Wiegand said.

Money for these changes is coming out of the district's security budget. But, they say it will be money well spent.

"When you look at the benefit that we receive at the school, it's not a large expense at all," Wiegand said.

Which can give parents and students peace of mind, knowing the district has made changes to help make school a safer place. 

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10. 

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