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West Texas A&M University former coach Don Carthel statement

NewsChannel 10 Sports Director Jacob Albracht with information from West Texas A&M University and the Don Carthel statement.

The incident involved Carthel and two players during LSC media day trip to Dallas. He purchased two $30 tickets to a Rangers game and a bottle of water, with the plan to be reimbursed back in Canyon. (which he was roughly a week later when they all saw one another ...again in Canyon) WT athletics inquired about reimbursement coming before or after. Fearful he might have violated NCAA rule, Don said before and told players to do the same. Carthel is curious why they inquired in the first place because he now knows this is not a violation.

There has been a strained relationship between Don and athletic administration for 5-6 years, and attorney Bill Kelly speculates "ulterior motives" for the termination.

We have reached out to WT Athletics Director Michael McBroom for further comment and are waiting to hear back. Much more at 5, 6, & 10.

Highlights from the Don Carthel statement:

Honor and privilege to coach and teach at WT the past 8 years.

Over the past several years my personal relationship has become strained with WT administration.

Incident involves a Rangers baseball game attended by Carthel and two players this summer during LSC media day.

Carthel had players reimburse him for tickets after the game, but told McBroom they did so before the game.

Carthel thought it might be in violation for him to not get money before, It apparently isn't a violation.

Carthel then told players to say the same thing, in order for their careers not to be jeopardized by his "erroneous assumption."

He is curious why the question of when reimbursement came up at all, since it is irrelevant.

As long as money was reimbursed. He says there was no NCAA violation.

"To the Buff Nation, my coaches, my team, all former players, two athletes in question, and my family... I am sorry for letting you down."

"I hope all of you continue your support for WT and this team, as they continue to strive for success both on and off the field"

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