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Overview of recent Amarillo homicides

Amarillo experiences around one homicide a month. But, in the past three weeks, we've seen much more than that.

In the past three weeks, Amarillo has seen what some people are saying is an increase in violent crime. 

The city has seen five homicides since July 28th.

The first one happened at the apartments,  behind Gamboa's Ballroom off the Boulevard.

The second homicide was on August 5th at a residence on Virginia Street.

Las Chackalozas Night Club was the third homicide on August 12th, and later that day, another one happened on 3rd and Bryan Streets.

The last one we've seen, happened  on Monday night at the Granite Apartments.

But it's not just these homicides that have police keeping busy. Lieutenant Bohannon says the Special Crimes Department has their hands full with other things as well. 

"We investigate officer involved shootings which we had one the other day. We had a child death in the mix of all this so we investigate those. So we've had about 10 
fairly significant investigations going on since July 20th," Bohannon said.

Although they say things are under control, Mayor Harpole thinks adding extra officers would add value to the department and the city, which he says doesn't have enough officers. 

"We know we need more police men. We are suggesting a one penny increase in taxes to take care of 10 police men," Harpole said. "But even if we added 10 police men in our city, we would still be 33 short of the national average," he added.

Regardless, Lieutenant Bohannon says his staff is working hard to solve these homicides.

They are asking anyone with information on any of these cases to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400 or Amarillo Special Crimes at 378-9468.
Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.

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