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Animal dumping on the rise in Pampa

Pampa, Texas - Pampa's animal shelter is seeing an overabundance of strays this summer.

It's the highest rate they've seen in 3 years at the Pampa Animal Shelter. Not just of pets being brought in, but of those being dumped.

"You'll come in in the morning, particularly Tracy and the shelter staff, and they'll be a mamma dog and puppies running around. They'll be baby kittens that shouldn't be without their mother, or a poor dog will be tied up to the fence with no food, no water, no information," Faustina Curry, Pampa Animal Welfare Society president said.

The Pampa Animal Shelter has more animals than they have room. Curry says many are having to be put down because more keep coming in.

"I've been volunteering here everyday almost for three years, and to me it's really harder this summer. There seem to be more animals being dropped. And one of our volunteers put on Facebook about it and the Borger shelter responded they're having the same thing," Curry said.

But puppies and other animals are dumped at the Pampa Animal Shelter every day. Dumping animals is considered illegal.

"Well it's an abandonment violation, and that is a state penalty," Shannon Barlow, Assistant Director of Animal Control for Amarillo said.

If caught duping an animal the penalties could be serious.

"State penal code of cruelty of animals and that is a Class A misdemeanor punishable of up to a $2,000 fine and up to a year in jail," Barlow says.

Pampa is taking measures to prevent dumping at their new shelter which is under construction.

"They are going to put some cameras because we are going to have this lovely dog park right out there which is totally fenced, so what an easy place," Curry said.

If you are unable to care for you pet, animals can be taken to shelters free of charge during business hours.
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