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Duck Dynasty stars visit Amarillo for 'Million Dollar Duck Race'

Between the chance to win one million dollars, stars from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty in town, and NewsChannel 10 night out at Wonderland park Sunday, it was a full house at the amusement park all afternoon long.

Crowds flocked to see the two Duck Dynasty stars, Jep and Jessica Robertson. The meet-and-greet with the TV stars was followed by an autographed duck call auction, a corporate duck race and of course the big Million Dollar Duck Race. Unfortunately, there was no local, single million dollar winner this year, but there were ten other winners who, combined, won more than $10,000 worth of local prizes.

But regardless of the race, all the money raised from Sunday's event is going to help a great cause and benefit the Texas Panhandle Independent Futures Foundation, a non profit that helps young adults with disabilities in the Panhandle. Organizers say they had such a great turnout and response, they're already planning to come back next year for a Second Annual Million Dollar Duck Race.

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