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Alcohol sales in Donley County up for public vote

Clarendon, TX - Alcohol sales will be on the ballot in Donley County's next election.  Donley County commissioners abided by a petition to put the sale of alcohol to a public vote.  So now in November, voters will make their voices heard at the ballot box.

Clarendon is the county seat of Donley County, and since it sits right on Highway 287, it sees quite a bit of traffic pass through.  An average of about 12,000 cars pass through Clarendon  every day, and one local business owner says the county is missing out on much-needed revenue.

"We get so many hunters that come through here that would love to sit down and drink a beer, have a barbecue, " says Frank Hommel, owner of Bar H BBQ n More, "and our nice motel we've got now, people are always wanting to get some beer and go back to the room."

Opponents say legalizing alcohol will make it more accessible to youth, and ultimately lead to more crime and other social ills, while supporters say allowing the sale of alcohol would provide a major economic boost to the county.

"We need some different money in this town," says Hommel, "I mean, Donley County's only got so many people, and any time we can get someone to stop off Highway 287 and spend a little more money, it helps the county."

The election will be held November fifth, along with a special election to fill some vacancies on the Clarendon Board of Aldermen.

Donley County Commissioner Dan Sawyer was traveling this afternoon, so couldn't meet in person - but he said over the phone that the commission is not taking a position for or against the proposal; they're just following the established guidelines.

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