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Learning outside the classroom offers different opportunities for students

With the school year quickly approaching, more parents are looking into different ways of educating their children.
For some student's sitting at a desk all day just doesn't work. But now, there are different options.

"It's freed them up to learn at a pace that they learn and at a place that they learn," said Jay Barrett, the principal of Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning and the Amarillo Online School.

Online schooling has quickly become a popular option for students across the country. In Amarillo, student's starting in 7th grade have the option of taking online classes through the Amarillo Online School and AACAL.

"Some kids thrive in that environment. They blossom in an online setting because there is no social pressure or fear that they might be wrong," Barrett said.

A common miss conception is that online schooling is similar to home schooling. But, there are some fundamental differences.

"When you do an online program through the state of Texas, they mandate the curriculum and you are also still subjected to the state mandated testing," Charleine Neill, President of the Panhandle Christian Home Educators Association explained to us. 

"Where as a homeschooler, we are considered a private school and in the state of Texas, we don't have to show attendance or we don't have to test our students," she added.

Either way, these new learning options help cater to different learning styles.
If you would like to find out more information about online classes or home schooling you can check out the links below.

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