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City of Sunray down to one police officer

Sunray, Texas - An area town is without a police chief.

The City of Sunray is down to one police officer after their chief resigns and an officer position remains vacant. We spoke with city officials to find out what they are expecting as one of the town's biggest celebrations approaches this weekend.

"For philosophies, enforcement philosophies, for whatever reason they discussed, it's apparent that everybody's agreed to part company," Greg Smith, City Manager said.

Sunray Funday is one of the largest event's for the city and takes place this weekend. Although police staff is now even more limited, Smith says they'll have help.

"The sheriff called and told us that he'll use what staff he has to make sure that if we have needs over here they're addressed. So, very good relationship with the sheriff's office," Smith said.

The Moore County Sheriff's Department will also be patrolling Sunray until new officers are hired. City officials say they don't expect any issues with the extra help. But residents here in Sunray say they're expecting a different outcome.

"It's going to be very hard. It really is. He was not only a friend, but he was also a good cop. We're just going to miss him a lot, and I hope something happens soon. I really do. None of us are really sure what's going to happen," Cairean Marquez, Sunray resident said. 

One resident tells us he hopes they don't turn into another Gruver, which is now without a police department. Another says you can expect to see people trying to get away with more. The consensus around town seemed to be the one officer will be spread too thin.

Smith says they hope to have police staff vacancies filled by next month.


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