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Man dies after being thrown from vehicle, Special Crimes investigating

AMARILLO - Amarillo police are investigating a possible homicide in Amarillo. A man was found badly injured on Bryan Street and Southwest 3rd just before 7:00 Monday night after being thrown from an SUV with his hands and feet tied.

Witnesses say they heard a thump and saw a red SUV parked in front of their homes on Bryan St. The witnesses thought someone was dropping off clothes at a donation box, but when the vehicle sped away, they saw a man bleeding in the road.

An off-duty police officer arrived within minutes and attempted CPR on the man. Witnesses say it took 10 to 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Paramedics did what they could, but the man died on the scene.

APD confirmed the man suffered from what appeared to be two gunshots wounds.

The man's hands and feet were bound.

Police identified the man as 29 year-old Lance Lee Hooser.
"We're also actively searching for our suspects. At this time we have a fairly good description of them. However, I'm going to let the officers that are on the trail right now see what they can find before we give out that description, and then we'll let everybody know what we can as time allows," Special Crimes Lieutenant Erick Bohannon said.

An autopsy was ordered for Hooser to take place Thursday morning.

If you have any information on Hooser's death, you're asked to call Amarillo Special Crimes at 806-378-9468.

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