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Small Skellytown staff working hard to fix utility issues

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SKELLYTOWN - Some Skellytown residents say they're fed up with stench of sewer and overflowing trash. But though it stinks right now, the city says it's doing all it can.

Skellytown Mayor Pro Tem John Perry says the "smelly town" jokes are getting old.

"In the last month and a half we've had a turnover of all of the employees as far as the sanitation and utility workers. That was about the time we had some sewer problems that was reported. We've had all that taken care of since, but here lately it's been trash truck," Perry said.

The city's only trash truck was been out of commission for over a week, leaving dumpsters full and residents frustrated.

The truck is back on route as of Thursday afternoon, and the city now has a deal with White Deer to get trash picked up next time there's a problem.

A loan has been approved for a brand new $175,000 trash truck. The city says they'll have the new truck in 30-60 days.

But Captolia Lynch says she's lost faith in her town.

"It's pretty trashy," she said.

She says her dumpster is going on three weeks without being emptied, and the sewer is backing up into her home again.

"Anytime your sewer stops up, it makes you feel like everything's unclean," she said.

Perry says he knows Lynch isn't the only citizen that feels that way, but with an entirely new city staff he hopes that will change.

"That's all we want to do is get the trust back of the city. Get everybody working together here. Because it's too small of a community for people not to trust each other," He said.

Right now there is only one utilities worker, and one sanitation worker, but the city is hiring a new utility employee this week.