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Fritch residents concerned about ongoing water leaks

One area town is losing water, and maybe even the faith of some of its citizens in having a number of water leaks fixed.

The water leaks in Fritch aren't located in places that caused homeowners water bills to spike but instead, in areas that should be attended by the City but so far, haven't been addressed. Susan Huff of Fritch mows lawns for a living, a job description that for her now includes working around large water leaks and the excessive vegetation they've caused.

"My sister has cattails that are above your head because the leak has been allowed to go on," said Huff.

It was one of three leaks sites Huff showed a NewsChannel 10 crew but said there are many more that have been running this way for years.

"No problem that has been addressed by the consumer has been fixed by the municipality," she added.

But contrary to popular belief, the City of Fritch was well aware of leaks like those Huff pointed out.

"We're running a two man leak crew and we're running just as fast as we can and those guys are staying pretty busy trying to get them taken care of," said Cody Benge, interim Public Works Director for the City of Fritch. "But we average anywhere from five to six a week."

For the City, it's about prioritizing.

"We have main breaks that come in," said Benge. "And we have to get on those right away."

But for residents, they're all priorities that should have been taken care of all along.

"It's a precious commodity and if we don't stop the leaks, where will the water come from when that runs out?" said Huff.

Benge said his small crew covers from 500-600 miles of main lines, and right now they have about 20 leaks on their list still waiting to be fixed.

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