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African dust has little chance of making it to Amarillo but still creates some allergy troubles

Hazy skies across Texas may be from dust that has traveled all the way from Africa.

The National Weather Service says the dust is 15,000 feet high and primarily over South Texas. They say it has little chance of making it to Amarillo.

Meteorologist Krissy Scotten with the National Weather Service Center in Amarillo, says the African dust is finer than what we are used to in the panhandle. But, she says it still will have little impact to our area.

"You know honestly our dust storms that we get up here in Lubbock and Amarillo are much more potent and have much more impact than these," she said.

However, Dr. Constantine Saadeh, a local allergy specialist at Allergy A.R.T.S. in Amarillo says the affects of the dust can still be seen here.  

"If you have allergies, the dust is going to make your allergies worse because the dust particles are going to settle in your lungs and in the nose and it's going to interfere with the ability of the nose to get rid of pollens," he said. 

He also told us, many people in our area who suffer from allergies may begin to feel the impact because the African Dust is very fine compared to the dust we have here in the panhandle.

"The concentration of the dust particle is very very high and very thick. Also this dust is not the result of poor agriculture. It is dust that has other things, other particles in it that are really bad for the lungs," Saadeh added.

If you are prone to allergies or have asthma, he says avoiding a lot of time outside will help control symptoms over the next few days.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.

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