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Sports related injuries high for children

Amarillo, Texas - Sports-related injuries are sending a large number of children to emergency rooms nation-wide.

Every 25 seconds a young athlete suffers an injury severe enough to go to the emergency room according to a report by Safe Kids Worldwide. The report took a look at the 14 most popular sports played by children nation-wide. The most common injuries reported are concussions and knee injuries, specifically ligament tears.

But local youth leagues have been taking precautions to minimize risks for injuries.

"All of our equipment is certified from the manufacture. We use the latest technology equipment. I mean, we've upgraded helmets, we've upgraded shoulder pads, pants. There's nothing in our warehouse... parents come in and get their kids fitted, they'll see there's nothing out there that's outdated. That's of the up most importance that we keep good quality equipment in stock at all times," Jimmy Lackey, President and CEO of Kids, Inc. says.

Local doctors we spoke with today tell us they've seen a small number of athletes this summer, but expect that to change once fall sports start.

The full report from Safe Kids Worldwide can be found at

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