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Many families struggling to pay for diapers

Amarillo, Texas - It is putting a strain on many parents... we're talking about diapers.

A substantial number of families are unable to afford and keep their children in clean diapers. A recent study in the journal "Pediatrics" shows 30 percent of women questioned reported they did not have enough for their children.

The cost of diapers averages $18 a week. The study showed a single mother working full time at a minimum wage job would use six percent of her pay towards diapers alone.

But there are local resources available for families for free.

"Well we definitely don't have a shortage of clients. We have people coming in every day, clients who need these services. Last year in 2012, we saw almost 2,000 clients that came in strictly for benevolence needs, which would mean clothing, diapers, formula," Chonda Brent, CareNet Pregnancy Center Director of Operations says.

But, Brent adds although they have many clients at CareNet, she doesn't think their services are very well known in our area.

CareNet locations:

Medi-Park Branch
6709 Woodward
(806) 354-2244
Monday - Friday 10-3pm

North East Branch
706 N. Polk 
(806) 350-7584
Monday - Friday 10-2pm

South East Branch
1900 SE 34th Suite #300
(806) 322-3113
Monday - Thursday 10-3pm

Canyon Branch
1712 2nd Ave, Canyon TX
(806) 655-4673
Tuesday 10-2pm

Guyon Sanders Resource Center also has diaper and formula assistance. They are located at 200 S Tyler and can be reached by dialing 2-1-1.
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