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Large amount of flat tires from roofing nails

Amarillo, Texas - As roof replacements in Amarillo hold steady, issues for drivers are increasing.

Roofing business has been booming since the May 20th hail storm. But with that, so have tire repairs. Local tire shops report they have been repairing and replacing an increased amount of tires in the last two months. The reason why, roofing nails.

Discount Tire in Amarillo has 10 to 20 customers come in every day with specifically roofing nails stuck in their tires. And Lang Tire & Auto says they've doubled their amount of flats in the last three months.

"There's tons of roofing nails. I mean if we saved every roofing nail, I could probably re-roof my house. We have seen an increase in them. We have sold a lot more tires because the roofing nails are getting in the shoulder and the sidewall of the tire, and so it ruins them where they're in repairable," Brandon Lee, Lange Tire & Auto Store Manager says.

Drivers should also beware of other debris in roadways such as shingles and tarps, which could damage vehicles.

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